Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Got My Table

I would have shared earlier - but I was busy scrapping.

Wayno went & picked up my table last night & then we manouvered it into the office & set it up & voila...its a mess already...but after 4 days of not scrapping I just had to get there are no pics of it tidy & organised...maybe on the weekend ;o)

So, today I managed to get my NZ Dares LO done (but posted it late), 2 singles for Megs DT entry...did one then read the requirements & had to do another ROFL!!! Round 4 of Embellished Idol LO & am halfway through a LO for Lisa's that's almost 5 for today & jeez it feels good to scrap again....aaaaaahhhhhhhh

I have been eliminated from Embellished Idol...but did the round 4 LO anyway cos Ali's challenges are just too cool to miss...I'll post that in the "evictees" gallery - I'll do that tomorrow cos its too dark to take a pic at the mo.

But back to my table...its flippen HUGE!!!!!

I got Taigy's bookcase & turned it on it's side for my album my big paper storage thing on there & there's still room to swing a colour me stoked!!! Not looking forward to moving weighs a ton!!

Oh, speaking of moving...we should be out of here before xmas...looking for a bigger house now that Ravey is ready for his own room & a big boy him a red F1 car bed from the we now need 4 rooms cos Wayne has resigned himself to the fact that I need an office/scrap space (I think he's secretly relieved that I'm combining the two) & the kids need a bedroom each.

Funny how times change...I remember when I was maybe 6 or 7 we lived in a two bedroom house (cos Mom & Dad were building a house on the back of the section) & all 4 of us kids were squashed into 1 of the girls on the bunks, Lee on a single & Kane in his cot & there was just enough space to get in & out of the room...yet today my kids don't share a room.

I have to say though, its more the fact that I don't like this house that I want to move & not really the space issue...also the fact that we want to move into a different school zone for Taigy, fingers crossed we get accepted as out-of-zoners, but the contingency plan is to move in-zone.

Ok well, its nearly time for Prisonbreak & I need a cup of tea...I looked in the cupboard today & saw "basic grey" on the tea box instead of "earl grey"...of course it was my mind pre-occupied with scrapping...but a little bit scray nonetheless!!!


yaseen_nz said...

Oh love how your 'new' scrapspace and table look so used and chaotic! That's such a cool space and the table works perfect for it.
Good on you for doing your own thing and continuing with the embellished on your own!

Hannah said...

Your desk is SO COOL!! Your scrap area looks great. I'm getting a new table soon too (courtesy of DH's handy DIY skills) so I'm excited!!

LOL about the Earl (I mean Basic) Grey tea ;-) ROFL!

Heidi said...

Kelly your space looks really cool --- good news that your'e finished you DT stuff for MEG - cannot wait to see it, GOOD LUCk but I'm sure you don't need it because your work is so GOOD.
Very SAD to hear you will be moving - it's always nice to know there is another MAD scrapper in my street, hope Taigy gets into the school of your choice!..,,,

Beverley said...

LOL about the basic grey tea.

I took an extra look at the tomatoes at the supermarket the other day cause the 'acid free' sign caught my eye.

I want your table - or one like it. It looks like the perfect scrap table - good find.

Megan M said...

ROFL about the Basic Grey tea, your scrap area looks fab!!

Janine said...

I love your new scrap area and now its broken in cos its looking scrappy. WHOO HOOO at having your own room when you find somewhere new.

Ann said...

Basic Grey that's funny!

Love your new scrap area, good on you!

Dianna said...

Laughing at your old scrap space I so need to show my family that someone else like me. I am forever looking for spaces to scrap.
Good Luck on the DT entries.

Ali said...

Your new table looks unreal Kel!! I bet you are much cosier in the office now.....You have your own work space again and a dining room too!!! Chat soon Chooky!!!
Ali x

Ali said...

Your new table looks unreal Kel!! I bet you are much cosier in the office now.....You have your own work space again and a dining room too!!! Chat soon Chooky!!!
Ali x

yaseen_nz said...

Hah- consider yourself 'Tagged'! Have a sweet weekend:)