Tuesday, July 04, 2006

21 Day Challenge - final days

Well Rohonna's round four of the 21 Day Challenge has finished.

What a sensational 21 days it has been!!

Here are my final journal entries - I have paraphrased a couple of them...gotta say I am very pleased with day 19's effort (the heart one).

The 21 day journey has been a great experience for me - I entered it thinking I'll be developing/finding/creating/seeking a scrapbooking style & while its certainly true that I have experienced growth in that area, my true reward was the development of my habit...keeping house - I thought my habit was to organise my home or declutter...but the essence of it is keeping my home a palace for my King.

Without Rhonna's challenge, this would not have been possible...because through the challenge I discovered the FlyLady via Lara's blog & FlyLady is the grease that keeps me running smoothly - if only with baby steps.

I can't wait for the next round - because there's always room for improvement in my life & I love the inspiration Rhonna gives - what a beautiful heart she has - to step up & challenge us all, make us stretch ourselves & become better people.

I know the impact this challenge has has on me & my household - I feel like I'm a better mother and wife. My husband is happier, my children are more relaxed & happier..its just lovely.

So a HUGE thank you to the wonderful Ms Rhonna Farrer for sharing her talent, inspiration & time with all of us round four 21ers!


Ruth said...

Love your journal pages. Well done on doing the full 21 days. And congrats on winning the SE challenge. I just had to laugh reading your last post about tracing chipboard flowers onto board and cutting them out - OMG me too lol.

karen said...

Congrats on the great work ... must feel so satisfying to have persisted with your 21-day challenge and the art journal.
Love the font work in your completed pages.

Mel said...

Well done - and although I've given up on getting FlyLady emails everyday I still do some of the stuff - it makes a difference.

Adrienne said...

Rhonna is freakin awesome...she's my inspirational idol!!
I absolutely, positively completely LOVE LOVE these pages you did!!!!!!!!! seriousely! so ultra cool!