Monday, July 31, 2006

Let's See if Blogger will let me post pics today

Ok lets give this a whirl...

Challenge pics from was a sketch the other was a we go.

Oh YAY, it worked!!

Aren't these guys simply GORGEOUS!!

And the tag had to have a flip/flap and be a season...jeez I miss summer! Not that its cold - I don't even have a jumper on today...but just the feeling of freedom that summer gives is just divine - I love it!!

My little prince is feeling well enough to whinge at me today - so I guess that's a good thing...yesterday he was just sooooo limp it was a bit scary...Off to the doc today for a bit of peace of mind. Oh my goodness he's chattering away in the background...what an angel!

Oh, I guess I'll share my mono of Taigy with you too - I gotta say I LOVE IT, so pleased with how it turned out...and used my new matt photo paper - sooo tried the sanding the edges trick & no stopping me now - what out photos!!! LOL!

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