Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Beyond Ridiculous

Ok I've gone over the edge.

Flylady has me cleaning the bathroom/toilet & another room this week, so I set my timer for 15 minutes & off I went - I've been avoiding the toilet forever - it just totally grosses me out.

But for some reason I went over board today - decided to go the whole hog & take the seat off & give it a scrub - scrubbed the spot behind the loo that has been there since we moved in....scrub, scrub, scrub - that spot didn't stand a chance!

Scrubbed the bowl, scrubbed the lid, scrubbed the seat OMG what a disgusting job - but now its done DONE DONE.

OK, so it's one thing to clean your loo...but its beyond ridiculous to share it with the world!!


dallas said...

'virgin on the ridiculous' perhaps?? lol - I agree, the toilet is one place I loathe cleaning, yet I hate a dirty toilet!

Sandra said...

Go you Kelly. I think I went that crazy once...just the once mind you LOL!!!!

Monique said...

Gold star for you Kelly, fly lady would be so proud!!

you know,I've found ever since doing that virgin on ridiculous layout I can't stop finding things that are verging on, completely ,or as you say beyond ridiculous in my life too! Maybe we should start a 'ridiculous' album lol!!