Saturday, July 08, 2006

The Habits Continue

Well, the 21 day challenge may be over, but I'm pleased to say my good habits are continuing...growing even :o)

So, my sink is shiny, the washing is still up to date - 1 -2 loads per day - First load goes on after I have my shower, then once that is pegged out any dirty clothes just get put into the machine ready for the next load - so my laundry tub (right next to my front door) is now 90% of the time empty & working its way to becoming a shiny tub :o)

My bed continues to be made every morning & sometimes Wayne even helps out...I have to say it always amazes me, that even though we both sleep in the bed, that its my job to make I don't mind cos its no longer a job - its a self respect thing, a baby step that I can take everyday :o)

Oh, I'll share what I learned this week from Flylady its a bathroom thing....

If you scrub your shower a little each day it won't become the gross monster of a job that you dread to clean.

This was my little revelation for the week, so each day this week I have had the old toothbrush out & have been scrubbing away at the build-up on the bottom of the shower door... 2 minutes extra each day in the shower is soooooo going to improve my bathroom.

When its all spick & span that 2 minutes will be reduced to 30 seconds maintenance each day - I can totally live with that if it means I no longer have to do the old exit mould scrub-a-roo.

Its a little bit embarrassing sharing how disgusting my bathroom is - but I just realised there is a whole range of products in the supermarket aimed at this sort of thing - so mine can't possibly be the only gross bathroom on the perhaps my confessing will help another person - that assuming anyone reads this blog hahahahahahahahaha

Well, once again I have been side-tracked by the internet - I just came into the office to print off some photos for a couple of layouts I'm working on.

One for the Scrapbook Essentials monthly challenge - "My Favourite Things"

And one for the Scrapbook Outlet Monthly Challenge - Ribbons, Ribbons Everywhere

So, I'd better get my butt back next to the heater & get some scrapping done :o)


Ruth said...

My bathroom is just so super clean all the time NOT!!! I like that idea about spending an extra 2 mins each day so it doesn't have to be a mammoth job. Go you on finishing the 21 days and still going strong.

Lara said...

love hearing how flylady helps with the cleaning - she makes so much sense! Loving the challenges at the moment too!

Sandra said...

Hi Kelly. I've just found your blog. Good on you for doing the flylady thing. I tried it once but it was a bad time for me. Need to do it again but everytime I go to join on again someone has a crisis and I have to go.
Will visit again to see how you are going.