Monday, July 03, 2006

Day 13-17 ~ 21 Day Challenge

Well here is Day 13-17's entry.

I'm so glad Rhonna has decided to keep her blog up & the challenge going - she gives such inspiration!

My habit is going exceedingly well...oh I like that word... exceedingly.

Check out today's effort - under the laundry tub (the grey spots are peeled paint - not moldy mildew hehehehe)...a small step but Flylady encourages baby steps..gotta love her :o)

I'm working on the entry & unfortunately our laundry is at the front it doesn't gross me out cos I'm up to date with the washing...but what a ridiculous idea having an open laundry at the front door!!

Wayno is bragging to anyone who will listen about how wonderful I am & how shiny my sink is & how he always comes home to a sparkling home...I think the shiny sink just blinds him to my scrapbooking mess :o) .

Who would have thought that 15 minutes a day could have such a positive impact on a house!! AMAZING!

I promised some pics of my cyber crop entries...I'll get them up shortly...just gotta bath & feed my sweetie pie.

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