Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Me & Mini Me

I got some photos off mum today to scan in to compare me & Taiga check them out...

Hoping to do a Me & You layout for her album...its on the list of things to do..hello, if there was a challenge for it it's be done in a week :o)

Actually, I gotta say I'm seeing Raven in this shot too.

I also have pics of Lisa & I, so was going to do a sisters then , now & in between...that's really more of an album than a LO lol, so again on the To Do List.

One amazing thing about the pics is that after I scanned them in I did an "Auto Adjust" in the editing program ( I use paint.net) & it took out all the yellowy discolouration - totally transformed & lightened the pic.

When I do my next lot I'll do a before & after to show you - its awesome!

Well, on another note we had our Granddaughter, Alexis, stay over last night - it was her very first night away from home.

She was totally fine with it - but her Mum was a bit nervous I think - she said she didn't sleep well. Lexi slept like a log once she fell asleep.

So, hopefully this will turn into a school holiday tradition. Her & Taiga play really well together. Lexi is only about 3 months older than Tai - so they're great playmates.

I'd love for Lexi to remember a childhood full of memories of time spent with her Grandad.

I took some great photos of the girls together - but forgot to take pics when they were baking - I was too engrossed in the moment - d'oh!

Well, I'm working on the weekly challenge for Scrapbook Outlet - based on sketches from the Cybercrop from a week or so ago - so I'd better go & start/finish it - I managed to complete the LO for the monthly challenge - using ribbons - not entirely happy with it - but happy that it's done & filed.

Now I'm getting requests for a Tellytubby story, so I'd better go :o)

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