Sunday, July 23, 2006

You Did What??

Thanks to the NZDares blog for another challenge!!

This week I almost didn't participate cos I couldn't think of a shocking thing anyone has done...this is either a case of a seriously boring family or evidence of my near constant state of ignorant bliss LOL

Anyway a big THANKS to Lisa for the reminder thismorning to get my A into G.

After spending way too much on Lisa's delicious range of products I came home & scanned my pics for anything that could fit the bill & I came across one little Miss Taiga's, while not shocking in a shocking sense. I am amazed at her independance & the little things that show me how quickly she is growing.

These pics were taken just a few weeks ago...she's 4 1/2 & all ready to do her own ponytails!! Makes a mama so proud :o)

Oh, you'll have to excuse the scan - hideous scanner, but I didn't finish til it was dark...DH took me out for lunch, but I'm sure he was just in the mood to spend...after lunch

we mosied on over to Botany Town Centre & I managed to get a humidifier (30% off at Farmers).

Then DH just got into the swing of things & he's like "Lets check out the kids clothes, do you want to look in Shanton, Oh lets stop for coffee....oh do you want to go to TNT, what about Pumpkin Patch"

Well, the kids have next seasons/years clothes, I got new sunnies & he's going to check out a new mobile phone for me tomorrow ( I put mine through the washing machine...still goes - just not reliable).

So hopefully I'll have a new phone by the end of the week :o)


lianne said...

That is very cute. A great memory to have. Cool layout Kelly.

Lisa said...

Fab Layout Kelly, Love it and thanks for the mention :) Just got mine completed and about to scan, hope to get it up on my blog tonight. Love how you've placed everything on your page, cute photos too!

Sandra said...

Great layout Kelly. Haven't quite got my act together to do any of the dares yet. On my things to do lis tho.

Hannah said...

WOW, a hubby that suggests buying kids' clothes and going to Shanton??!!! Where DID you score this guy? LOL :-)

I love the layout. You must have been SO proud of Taiga when she did her own hair :-)

~Zeetra~ said...

Hi Kelly.

Love your page.

How did you manage to wash your phone? I thought I only did things like that...


Delys said...

Im struggling with this dare challenge too! Love your Lo and yes she is a clever little girl..mine has only just mastered it and she is 9!

Monique said...

Looks great Kelly, its amazing how these little achievements of our kids creep up on us, so cool that you have scrapped it before its forgotten about.