Friday, July 14, 2006

Mission Completion!!

Oh I can't believe I waited til the last minute to get Zeetra's CJ done - sorry no pics - she confessed to stalking my blog last night, so I don't want to spoil her surprise :o)

Anyway after trialing no less than 4 crockpot recipes I settled on number 2 - I hope she likes it!!

Now that I have it done I'm really keen for the next one to arrive - means we'll be having nice dinners while I test my recipes :o)

I'm off to a cybercrop in Australia tonight - at Embellished - cool bunch of girls over there!!

Taigy is over at Mom & Dad's & Ravey is fast asleep - Wayno's on the couch - so it's just me & the heater & a bunch of scrap supplies - ahhhhh that's what I call a Friday night in - sorry Flylady I'm skipping date night tonight :o)

Well, I'd better get my skates on - its starting soon.

Will be back later to catch you up on the school holidays.


Mel said...

Yip - I left the CJ til the last minute too (very unlike me who has a reputation for being early!). It's sitting on the kitchen bench (well the cupboard actually - the benchtop won't arrive for another week!) awaiting posting in the morning

Sandra said...

Hi Kelly
Hope you enjoyed your cybercrop. Love the ideas in your last post about LO's with photos of you as a child and your children.