Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Thank God for TradeMe

Oh, you're not going to believe what I did the other night....downloading the pics from the SD card & all is well...then I take the card out of the card reader built into the PC & I dropped it, so I slide the chair back to have a look & hear a week "crack".....part of me is saying "aaahhhh I KNEW that was going to happen!!" and the other part of me is saying "Phew, got the pics off" LOL!!!

Anyway it was a 256MB Kingston SD card which I bought off TradeMe for about $45 back in Jan when I got the camera...can I just say Kingston Cards are sensational...I wouldn't hesitate to buy fact I did this time around I managed to get a Kingston 512MB card for $45 - amazing!! It arrived today & I'm loving it!

Oh, I usually use my Toshiba card...but a couple of weeks ago I went to put that in the card reader & accidentally put it in the wrong slot & it went straight into the body of the computer & I could hear it rattling around...I was going to get it out, but when I went to undo the screws I came acroos these stickers with "void warranty if removed" so I rang Acer & thery're like "you'll have to take it to an authorised repairer & its not covered by warranty so there'll be a charge" I just left it to sit....but then, yesterday I was taking Taigy over to her friends house for a play & I couldn't stand the thought of not having a camera on I thought bugger it & got the card out - I mean seriously, I don't get hardware problems & I ain't paying for someone to take out a couple of screws...not to mention the fact that I would have to lug the PC to & from the repair shop...forget it!!!

So, I am now back in action ready to capture every moment ROFLMAO!!!

welll while I'm here I might as well share some LOs aye....

The "First Haircut" is for the monthly challenge over at Scrapbook Essentials & "86400" is a LO I did for one of Ali's random challenges over at Embellished, Meg also runs a fortnightly challenge over at SE & had a numbers challenge there too, I love this LO of me & my sis "363 days apart"..It'll be going in my BOM (book of Me) the journalling is hidden behind the pics the flowers cover the top of the tag....might have to save that one for later...blogger is doing it thing wher I upload & the pic doesn't turn up....

Well, I'm off to work on the LO for the monthly challenge over at SBO...gotta make your own chipboard embelly & use anything from 3 bugs... I made the cutey swirls..but you'll have to wait & see.

Oh if you're not doing anything Friday night & need a scrapping kick in the pants SBO is having a cybercrop...challenges, chatting, prizes, heaps of fun...come & join in - costs nothing & allows me to pretend I've spent time with friends on a Friday night ROFLMAO!!!!

OK I'm really going to go & scrap now...seriously...Raven is asleep on the couch - bad Mama!!! I tried his bed 3 x & taigy's bed 2x but he wouldn't go I'll let him off the hook today cos he's soooooo cute & I'm not having any more babies hehehehe

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yaseen_nz said...

Poor babs he looks so distressed in the first haircut. Love how you captured that and the mini photo squares are a cool idea.
Really like the different type sets / stickers/alphas in the other LO, looks great!