Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Loving my Challenges

OK, the deadline was midnight last night for this one & I had it uploaded by 10.30pm.

Almost didn't make this one...its for the fortnightly challenge over at SE.

The challenge was to do a LO of someone great. I wanted to do my Nana, but had lost all my was going to do a Lo of Wayno....but then the computer guy came & managed to retrieve quite a few pics from my laptop & voila...a LO of my Nana.

The pic is about 2 years old...but she's just gorgeous sitting there with her mokos...Taiga & Creed...she's such a crack-up...whenever she can, she'll take my nepherws up north with her to visit the whanau & without fail, whenever she comes back she tells the story of how wonderful her mokopuna are..."you know Kells" she'll say, "those boys, they're so well behaved compared to the other mokos! They always do as they are told...not like the other mokos." She's so proud of her lily white maori babies!!!

She is such a wonderful woman...I appreciate her much more now that I am an adult....never really did appreciate the vacuum & washing machine noises at 5am when I was a child - but I can see why her washing always gets done & her house is always clean now!!

She's the woman who is in her garden at 6am pottering around her flowers & veges, whenever she visits she is never empty handed - her mussel chowder is divine!!!! She's the rock of the family.

She's had hard times & is happy to share her lessons...I love hearing her tales of when she was younger & also the things she went through with my poppa - I never knew why they split until recently..and yeah good on her!!!

I know it sucked for my mum & her brothers & sisters to have their parents divorce...but who knows how things would turned out if they didn't...holey moley perhaps I wouldn't be sitting here today.

Anyway, no woman should have to put up with crap from a man..I know I sure don't - that's why I left young Timmy Johnson...Mr Rock God Wannabe found in bed with a wannbe groupie...ahhh well what can you do??? Move On I say!! LOL!!!

And then there was Mr Insecurity, trying to put rules & regulations on my life...yeah - whatever!!! That didn't last long - can't clip my wings baby!!

And so here I am with Mr Unconditional Love...sometimes he does too much for me & lets me get away with too much - but can you blame him - the mans in LOVE!!! LOL!!

Oh, but enough about me - we were talking about Nana - she's awesome!
The LO is about shariong a name - Marama, that's her name & my middle name & alot of my cousins have Marama as a middle name too.

Nana says its a name of strength & that we all share that strenght & that's basically what the journalling says.

Well, thanks for stopping by..My little prince is calling my name - might heck back in later...


Janine said...

I enjoyed reading that post. LOve the story behind the layout and the comments about the exes......

yaseen_nz said...

Thanks so much for sharing that story. It was a fascinating read. She sure sounds like one very special lady and made the LO all that more special too.
Had to chuckle about your exes! Nothing wrong with kissing a few toads until the frog king comes along!
We appreciate him all the more.

Ali said...

Hi Kel,
So excited about meeting you at the retreat next year!! Thought I would stop by and say hi!
Your Layout is great, love the colours and how it all flows together!!
Chat soon
Ali x

Julie said...

is a fantastic layout kelly and congrats on just making the deadline for it LOL. Your Nanna sounds like a remarkable woman with great strength and character, bet she loves the layout.

Hannah said...

You really are the Queen of Challenges, Kelly! I have no idea how you find the time, I really admire you!

Julie said...

The layout and the story behind it are great Kel.

whispers said...

Thanks for sharing that. it brought tears to my eyes. love you darling