Sunday, September 03, 2006

Butterfly Creek

Well after seeing the pics on Lesley's blog I couldn't resist taking the kids to Butterfly Creek. We had a great time.

Got a bit of a shock at the butterfly enclosure being so hot & humid...but it makes sense that they need to be in a tropical environment.....I'm sooo going back next winter on a freezing day to get a fix of the tropics ;o)

Didn't get great pics like Lesley, a bit of a challenge when my timid little princess is scared of a butterfly LOL!! But the butterflies loved Wayne for some reason...probably his sweet smell - he had some delicious aftershave on & they were happy to land on Raveys big noggin.

We also went on the train ride & into the animal farm...the kids had a ball in there, they let you hold baby bunnies & feed the baby goat...Ravey was soooo excited seeing all these animals running around - he didn't know whether to woof or moo LOL!!

I've had a bit of a slow down in scrapping, not sure what's going on there...might be that I was going to try for UP2 DT & it zapped my I think I'll just focus on forum challenges for now & see if I get some extras out of them.

Lisa (lizzy66 on trademe) has a DT call going too for ScrapbookingByDesign her website should be up & running in the next couple of weeks. If you're interested just send her an email & she'll get a copy of the rules to you...the great thing about this DT call is it doesn't have to be unpublished the pressure is off a bit, she just wants to see your best stuff...but for me I feel it always a case of "the best id yet to come" LOL!

Oh...I have totally been a slack blogger - I haven't even shared this FANTASTIC news with you all yet....... I had a LO accepted for publishing in Scrapbooking Creations Issue 38.....HOW COOL IS THAT!!!!!!!

So I packaged that up & sent it off the other day....which means I'm back to the toe is well on its way to being all better...still got my boot on...but I'm thinking it'll come off very soon.

Blogger's only letting me upload one you'll have to wait & see the scrapped versions ;o)

Have a great day... whooops I forgot its Father's Day...haven't done a thing for it...Oh well, looks like it'll turn out like Mother's Day did!

Oh, that's becasue Taiga stayed at Mum & Dad's last night that it managed to slip my mind. I was going to keep her home...I said to her the other day "Oh Taigs, you can't stay at nany & Poppy's this weekend cos its Father's day" & she comes back with "No, its OK Mum, I'll just pretend Poppys my Dad" a solution for everything my girl!!! LOL!!!


Mel said...

"I'll just pretend Pooppy's my Dad!" - I love that - don't they say amazing things?

Mel said...

Oops - bad typo - "Poppy" (that's what my kids call DHs Dad, too.

Lisa said...

Thanks for the mention Kelly, yeah I've been a slacker blogger, been busy trying to load the site and my office lady has gone so now I'm swarmed in paperwork!!! Loved your layout for Dare #6, excellent :)