Thursday, September 14, 2006

I Did it!!

YAY!!! I completed my DT entry for Up2Scrap.

Managed to do all 3 today & I gotta say I'm totally in love with my creations!!

The house was in utter chaos cos I let Ravey run amok so I could do my thing.

I think he got mad at me...he emptied my bin all over the floor - poor little neglected baby!!

Oh, that was after he threw the punches & paints off the shelf & tried to play with the sewing machine.

Then he thought he'd get my attention by going into the cupboards under the sink....ah - NO, mama's scrapping!!

So he wandered off to get his firetruck & tried to put that in the cupboard...well, looking on the bright side - he obviously knows that tantrums don't work LOL!!!

He is such an angel though.. as of yesterday he is 18 months old & he's a giant!! I think he's gonna be a gentle giant like his uncle Kane.

He's working out his animal sounds at the mo & is just too cute. I had an animal CJ here & he was meowing & woofing to the pics - ADORABLE!!!

Well, I would LOVE to share my creations with you - but I can't,so all you're gonna get to see if the mess LOL!

Oh, forgot to mention that I did 2 awesome classes at SBO this week. Vicky's photography class - its a 3 weeker & week 1 was sensational...can't wait for the next 2 - Oh yeah I'd better do my homework for that too!!

And last night I did Chris Millar's Creative Cutting class...GORGEOUS LO...will share when I'm done (don't hold your breath LOl!)

Oh & I do have one LO to share. Lisa has a competition running (closes Sunday, awesome prize) to see one of our beginner LOs... the one that makes us cringe the most.

Here's mine...must be about a year ago I started scrapping & The Warehouse was the only place I knew of to buy scrapbooking supplies...that was before I discovered TradeMe & all the wonderful websites dedicated to scrapbooking LOL!

Well, blogger won't let me post another pic - so we'll save that for tomorrow.

Gotta go check out my forums...after scrapping all day I need to catch up on what y'all have been chatting about.


Sandra said...

Go you. Can't wait to (eventually) see it. Good luck.

Janine said...

congrats on getting your entry completed. Love the photos lol, means you created some good stuff.....