Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Just Checking In

I was just over at Mel's blog & had a wee chuckle...she said she doesn't post every day - only when she has something to share, but when she surfs other blogs & sees there's no new entry she gets peeved LOL!

I haven't been blogging much lately cos I'm telling myself that I'm concentrating on doing some DT entries.

But I haven't done a thing...I have a couple of ideas in my head - but I gotta tell ya - the double LOs are stumping me....plenty of photos, but just having a mental block.

And now I'm thinking - Oh Ravey's asleep, Taigy is off to play at a friends for the arvo I have the perfect oportunity to scrap...and here I am blogging.

Might go give myself a kick up the butt & just do it (scrapping that is)

I'll share the ones that don't make it LOL!!


Julie said...

Good luck with the dt subbing. Your work is great and I'm sure someone will jump at the chance to have you a part of their team.

Janine said...

so how did you go with the scrapping? get any done???

Sandra said...

Go you on the DT entries. It's a bummer you have to produce something tho and not just think and talk about it. Wouldn't that be much easier LOL.

Ali said...

Hi Kelly!!!
Hope you are good...just thought I would pop in and say hi!! Chat soon on MSN. Ali x x

Hannah said...

I do the same thing when surfing blogs!! Hehehehe.
Good luck with your DT submissions!

Megan M said...

I know what you mean Kelly, I should be loading stock to the website while Maz is asleep, but here I am reading your blog!! LOL

Lisa said...

Hi Kelly, enjoyed doing the class with you last night, not sure when I'm going to find the time to get it finished...lol, just found out I am teaching another class on Monday that I thought was 2 weeks away and I haven't even prepared the sample yet!! arghhhh, hey loved your layout with the 7 patterned paper, well done :) don't forget about my competition, gotta be in too win!! Everybody loves free stuff :)