Monday, September 25, 2006


That was the essence of the email I got from Up2Scrap today...which means I can share my entry with you.

Gotta say I'm surprised at some of the ladies who received the same it will be VERY interesting to see who the new DT for Up2 is...can't wait!!!

My little tag book is full of activity cards for Taigy on Thursdays. She has been going to pre-school 4 days a week & loving it...but I want to spend some time with her before she goes to school - so I dropped Thursdays at pre-school & that's going to be our day (with Ravey too).

The idea is that we take the tags off & place them face down on the table & she randomly picks one & we get to do that activity on the day (there's sunny day & rainy day tags).

These were heaps of fun to make & turned out really pretty - Tai loves it!! The great thing is that I can always add to it - fabulous!!!

Oh man, its getting late - think I'm gonna hit the hay...I'll share my double tomorrow...its my absolute FAVE!!! its coming in sideways tonight - so I'll have to have a play around to get it right.

Nitey night


Janine said...

I have to agree with you I have been surprised too. So it will be interesting to see who gets in! Love the 12x12 layout there. Really gorgeous, Love the photo on the white background and those flowers. Love that tag book to what a great idea!!

Hannah said...

Your layout is great, Kelly! I was also very surprised to hear who got the "thanks but no thanks" letters. I'm very anxious to see who gets in!

The tag book is a fabulous idea! I really would like to do something like that for Ethan. I think he'd love it!

Cherie said...
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Cherie said...

Love the Grateful Lo, it is just beautiful and the tag book is fantastic.....

Cherie xx

nzmommy said...

Fabulous job, Kelly! Love the tag book! What ideas did you have down for the sun and rain days??? Yes, I'm a bit floored as to what or who is being picked for this design team. But it was open to OZ as well. I'm also wondering how Meg's and Lisa's will go. I'm a bit nervous.

~Zeetra~ said...

I love your LO, but i love your work anyway..
Yes i love your tag book idea too? What ideas did you have? I get stumped with what to do with the kids some dats.

Lara said...

that is such a cool idea with the tags & that layout is simply stunning! Loving your double further up too!

Chris Millar said...

I'm glad my class inspired you to do more swirls and flowers on your layout Kelly!
Love these tags too - how awesome!