Sunday, September 17, 2006

Have you heard???

About the latest & greatest comps out there???

SBO is hosting the "Get Real" comp with a Cricut as the major Prize...yes you read right...the CRICUT!!! gotta be in it to win it!!!

And the fabulous Miss Ali is hosting Embellished Idol..with elimination rounds, voting & all...and if you know Ali you sooooo know that the prizes are going to be SUPER delish!!!

Embellished Idol starts tomorrow, so get your skates on & sign up...weekly comps & eliminations.

Get Real is all about telling the story of your life today....I am soooo gonna have an awesome album at the end of this one (Oh, I mean like story-wise - ahhhh you know what I mean!)

Oh man....I'm gonna be scrapping like a crazy mama!!!

Better get to it :o)


nzmommy said...

OMG, Kelly, I just signed up for the Embellished Idol one. I'm not sure about the SBO one. Seems like heaps of work and for such a long time! I'm also unsure if we can show our layouts afterwards or if they have to only remain on the SBO board.

Ali said...

Hi Kelly,
Just thought i would pop in and say HI!!! Love the layout in the previous post!! GORGEOUS!!! Thanks for the little plug!!
Chat soon
Ali x x

Janine said...

Go you on scrapping like a crazy mama!! Love your previuos layout by the way for the dare!!! Pretty cool!!

Julie said...

hiya kelly, you will be busy keepin up with all that, cannot wait to see what you come up with for them. LOVE your 'adore' layout from a previous gorgeous!!!!