Sunday, September 24, 2006


I'm really getting into journalling at the mo...but I'm not a big fan of computer journalling - mainly because I fiddle around too much trying to size it perfectly to fit the spot on the page, so I actually prefer handwriting....but I'm trying to find different ways to keep the journalling fresh & not looking the same on each page...Yeah, next month I'll focus on the content ROFL - I'm all about the look for now LOL!

So here's a couple of LOs I've done playing with journalling. "First Fish" was a 1 hour challenge over at Embellished..I totally love these challenges - you don't have time to think, you just have to let it evolve quickly. And "Loving Touch" was a sketch challenge from SBO.

I didn't have enough time to measure & draw lines for First Fish, so I pencilled my journalling, then quickly drew my lines with my marker - I really like the way it turned out - yeah its a little messy - but my kids will recognize the handwriting LOL!

With Loving Touch, I lifted the torn notepad page from Julie, but she told me she actually got it from thanks to both of you :o)

Well, I'll keep experimenting & see what else I can do.

CSI will be starting in a sec so I'm off ;o)


Mel said...

Love that you're using your own handwriting and experimneting with 'how to'. Beats computer journaling anyday in my book. Good on you.

Hannah said...

Good job using your own writing! I don't particularly like my writing, even though other people say they would kill to have it! I guess it is all up to the individual :-)