Saturday, September 16, 2006

Lisa's Comp

Ok here's one of my first attempts at scrapping.

AS I mentioned in my last post Lisa has a great prize pack up for grabs for those of us who are brave enough to share our LOs that make us cringe :o)

And I managed to finish the LO from Chris Millars Creative Cutting Class...I LOVE it!!

We went out for breakfast this morning & I managed to get one shot for Vicky's homework... I wrote my homework list out & popped it in my handbag before we went out...gotta be prepared LOL!

I've seriously got to get off this computer & do Rach's CJ, Lara's sketch & 2 lots of ATC's for my peeps over at Embellished.

Will post my efforts later.


Julie said...

Loved the new stuff Kelly.

Can't wait to get the ATC'S back from the swap, yours look great.

Lisa said...

Thanks for entering Kelly, I love your online crop layout, I haven't even had the chance to do any more of mine, spend yesterday taking classes for an all day Scrapbooking day held by ArtyFarty!

Chris Millar said...

Come on girls! Where are you fabulous layouts???? You're not all still cutting are you?!LOL

Chris Millar said...

Oh Kelly, sorry, I thought I was typing that into the SBO forum!LOL What a dill I am. That will teach me for having 2 things open at the one time!
Fabulous work on the layout! Glad you enjoyed the class!