Thursday, November 02, 2006

Embeliished Idol Round 6

OMG this is going to be the most interesting round yet!!!

I've completed my LO & sent it off to Ali, it was definately a challenge scrapping someone else's pics...but I'm really happy with the'll be interesting to see what the voters think.

The entries will all be uploaded to the gallery tomorrow.....oh the sweet anticipation!!!

I don't think I have any LOs to share at the mo...start of the month - waiting for some challenges...aaahhh no I could be doing Julie's arrow challenge...hmmm yeah might whip something up for that tonight.

So, I'll share with you my I thought we lived in a child-friendly a double-ended culdesac (goes like a T) so I went to Countdown, stocked up on chocs, whipped up a little scary wannabe pumpkin face for the letterbox to let the kids know we're ready & then went inside & waited for the knocks.....and waited....and waited...and waited..........not even ONE little rat-a-tat-tat.

I was sooooo disappointed...especially for Taigy...she'd heard all out it being trick-or-treat night - I told her we're not going knocking, but we're gonna give treats to the people who come to our door (I'll start taking her out next year with some school buddies...or I'll round up her cousins LOL!) She was happy with that idea & I thought it'll be great for her to see the costumes & get an idea of how it works.

Ahhhh well....the next morning she wakes up & the first thing out of her mouth "Is it trick-or-treat day today Mum?"

Oh well, couldn't let those treats go to waste...unfortunately there's no pics to share ;o)

Next year I'm going to make sure Halloween happens!!! I saw on a blog this cool idea of filling gloves (like the hair dye gloves) with popcorn & tying a ribbon to close it & I think a finger may have been dipped in red for a bloody effect - very cool!!!

Hmmmm I have a bit of time on my hands cos Taigy's gone to her dad's for dinner, he got dropped off & picked up Tai & a car to take her in ROFL!!!

He blew the engine on his car so Wayno offers him one of ours...what a sweet hubby I have - I swear he can't resist helping people...he's such a funny bugger - when we first got together Taiga's dad got a restraining order against him for some supposed threat & here he is loaning him a car....not to mention that the same car had problems a couple of months ago so my darling goes to fix it....saving the guy like 700 bucks!!

I sure did pick a winner this time around :o)


Janine said...

funny how time changes re exes and currents. Awwww loved the wee pumkin on ya letterbox......I had treats ready as well and no wee visitors to collect them....good luck with idol

Heidi said...

Good luck with idol challenge, sounds liek Wayno is your "SOUL MATE" Kelly !!

Anonymous said...

Ahhhhhh, Kelly, we would have come by your place! Next year I'll be in the States so there will be no Halloween blues for me then ;) but I will be thinking about you ;)

yaseen_nz said...

Great thing we learn aye Kell! Wayne sounds like the perfect match for you!!!

Joanne Bain said...

Hi Kelly
Good luck with idol...can't wait to see what you have come up with
Have a great day