Monday, November 20, 2006

Back at the Ranch

Well I made it home safe & sound from a SENSATIONAL weekend away at ScrapCamp Rotorua.

What an awesome weekend!!!
I got to meet my girls from the SBO/SE forums & they are just lovely!!! (total understatement!!!)

Photo taken by the sensational Miss MichelleTW

Back: Ilka, Me

Middle (l to r): Bev, Delys, Kirsty

Front: Stef

We did some amazing classes (will share pics later), had some awesome challenges - you sooo know I can't resist a challenge...throw a time limit in & I'm in heaven ROFL!!!
Man, Lianne & Yo did a fantastic job of organizing the weekend....the prizes, the challenges, the games, the shopping, the venue, the meals, the demos, the classes everything about the weekend was amazing!!!

I had a sensational time...loved every minute (did I mention that??? LOL)

Soooooo awesome to meet the girls in real life...can't find the right words to convey how much I enjoyed their company or to describe just how much I enjoyed sharing the weekend with them...they are all just so absolutely precious!!!

And as much as I enjoyed my time away man, it was great to get back home & fall into the arms of my darling!!! Then wrap my arms around my two little angels & smother them with kisses!!!

I was greeted by a freshly bathed Taigy, the delicious scent of a roast in the oven, a freshly baked apple pie on the bench & a lemon tart in the fridge....what a homecoming aaaaahhhhhhh.

Well I suppose I'd better share some pics aye! There's the group shot above, the doing our duties shot and our Green Theme shot...I'll share some scrappy shots later.


Tracey (luvscolour) said...

I agree, what an awesome weekend! Really nice to meet up and have a giggle!! Know its time to put those red high heels away and do some more scrapping LOL! cya

Heidi said...

oh wow Kelly - sounds like great fun - I will definately be there next year, thanks for sharing some pic's too - it's nice to put a face to the name!

Janine said...

wow that looked awesome!! So jealous I couldn't go. Always fantastic to meet fellow scrappers in real life.

Julie said...

Sounds like you had an awesome getaway Kelly. thanks for sharing some fun pix, look forward to seeing some of your layouts.

take care.......

Sandra said...

Was great to meet you in real life Kelly and see some of your awesome work up close.

Hannah said...

Wow, sounds like your man had everything under control!! A roast dinner and an apple pie, kids bathed, clean house ... far out you've got a good one there!!

Everybody looked awesome in their costumes, it was neat to put "faces" to names as well.

Anonymous said...

Was super cool meeting you guys. Now when I'm on the forum I can see you. Only have to look at your avatar though right !! Awesome blog and photos too. You rock with you update. I'm still getting there!!

yaseen_nz said...

What an awesome weekend it was!
Was so great to meet and getting to know you and the others Kelly! And I can attest Kelly is a fantastic challenge junkie, so creative and productive! Oh and thanks for teaching me the 'roll your shoulder babe' trick..LOL Gotta practice that a bit more.