Monday, November 20, 2006

ScrapCamp: The Story that I have a little time I'll share my story with you {grab a cuppa}

So, the plan was to meet Ilka @ the Bombays: 3pm...turns out I don't know where "The Bombays" are...I was at the rest stop before the the bombays...the "other" one with the McDonalds, BP & bloody Craft/Souvenir shop.....anyways - I get there early (obviously - cos I had another 5-10mins to travel d'oh RICHARD!!!)...well long story short I get to the Bombays @ 3.30 {meanwhile if NZ had decent road signage this never would have happened}

Meet Ilka (pronounced ill ka), load up the wagon [stationwagon that is] & cruise on down to Matamata to pick Stef up...find out Matamata is Hobbiton...opportunity for an Embellished Exposed moment ;o)

I honestly thought I was a shy kind of girl...but I guess I'm not really - give me a challenge & I'm up for anything it seems ;o)

So after picking up the lovely Stef, we zoomed on down to Rotorua, stopped off at BK for dinner & then straight on to ScrapCamp....not even close to being late :o) although finding cabin no.9 was proving to be a bit of a challenge until we went in & registered & found out we were in cabin 40 ;o)
Then it was time to meet the peeps...awesome, awesome, awesome bunch of ladies...Delys I found out is pronounced del lease - not dellis as it was playing in my mind ;o) and would you believe she hadn't had a sleep in SINCE JULY!!! I tell ya - you do NOT want to vacuum at 7am if you're in the next cabin ROFLMAO!!!

It was such an incredible experience to meet these fab ladies....I thought I was hooked on challenges - man, watch out scrapcamps...I think I've got the bug - hope Wayno is as generous for the next one ;o)
Ok...onto the nitty gritty - I know you want to see the LOs ;o)

So, Faye Gregory had us distressing, inking, stitching...all sorts of fabbo techniques & bless her heart she encouraged us to do our own thing - dance to our own tune & make our LO's our being the tutu bug that I am I had to modify my brackets cos I cut the piece of pp we were supposed to cover them with...but just look at this GORGEOUS boy!!

At this point I just have to mention how generous the packs were...I could scrap for a week on what was unused in our packs...and well you all know how I love to scrap ;o)

Oh and I got a weeeeeee bit carried away with my distressing & actually ripped the top corner off the LO...but a little bit of DS tape & Bob's your Uncle...who'd know???

Now the rub-ons at the bottom I added - they're Crate rub-ons & they are sensational...still have HEAPS left in that pack...very versatile keep your eyes peeled for them in upcoming LOs :o)

Next, we have Nic Howard's class: Cards.....I'm not a big card maker...just cos I'm a tight-ass & like to think that I'm saving my stash for great LOs ROFLMAO.

Having said that I absolutely adore what we made...I'm going to give these to my SIL cos she's the kind of girl that is thoughtful & actually gives cards & their beauty matches hers ;o)

Oops don't have a pic of them - will upload tomorrow.....

Moving right along... we got this DELICOUS pack from SBO & to be honest I didn't have a clue what to do with it....I'm more of a bright kinda girl...but there was a challenge ;o)

We all had to complete a LO/project using 75% of the product from the pack..the things that weren't included in the pack were my doiley ;o), title & journalling letters & CB that was a great challenge & plenty left over...hmmmm I'm thinking there may be some xmas cards coming to a blog near you soon ;o)

Karen Ridgeway couldn't make it to NZ to do her class...but we were issued the class pack & given a ONE HOUR challenge & we had to use a piece of each pp from the pack {all 7 of them } this is what I came up with (and you know I loved every minute of it)
I did do another LO as well, but I'll save that for tomorrow too...give us something to talk about ;o)


Hannah said...

Wow Kelly, it sounds like you had a fabulous time!! I love the layouts you did, too!! Inking is one my favourite things to do as well :-)

Ann said...

Sounds like a fab weekend Kelly, and it's nice to be able to put faces to names.

Megan M said...

Wow Kelly - fab layouts! Sounds like you guys all had a great time!

Janine said...

wow love those layouts....and the photos of you in Hobbittown lol....I like how you did your own thing on layouts too

Julie said...

Awesome pages and pics Kelly.

Sounds like you had a great time away.

Tracy said...

Wow Kelly, love your layouts and your scrapcamp story. I remember those styly yellow aprons from the last scrapcamp! Sounds like you really had a great time, hope I get to meet you on the next scrapcamp :)

yaseen_nz said...

LOL loved the way we 'finally met up. A Hooray to mobiles!
Thanks so much for the safe driving Kells! Great story telling too. The LO's look even better IRL!

Julie said...

Sounds like you had an awesome time away Kelly!!!!
Loved the pix you took for Embellished have done awesome with this challenge.
Love the layouts,they all look gorgeous, can't wait to see the card as well.

take care......

Donna said...

LOL, you obviously had a ball! Hope the weather was better than May SC? Hope to catch up at the next one!!
Awesome layouts!

Beverley said...

Yes, there is nothing like seeing the layouts in real life - those brackets were awesome, even better than the photo shows. In some ways I wish I didn't do any scrapping at camp - just sat back and watched you work. I had my head down concentrating so hard for the one hour challenge that I missed out on seeing you work your magic!