Thursday, November 30, 2006

End of Month

For some that might mean doing the accounts & tallying up....but for me Challenges are DUE!!! ROFLMAO!!

So today I managed to complete 3 LO's for various challenges & I have another one that I was working on when the thought crossed my mind that I have a class with Chris Millar tonight!!! I had 5 minutes to spare - So I had to put that aside & throw Ravey in bed (not literally) then get little Princess sorted.
Meanwhile Wayno is out tonight, farewell drinks for a colleague so not sure what time he'll be home.
Just finished my Jolly Holly Xmas with Chris & she's just sooo lovely...poor chickie wasn't well & still was there for us holding our hands - what an absolute angel!!
So let's see what I have here..I have combined a couple of challenges cos I'm running out of photos LOL..all the good ones are allocated for challenges ROFLMAO!!
OK, we have "Mini Me" which is Taigy wanting to be just like her Mum - how cute is she!!! This was for the DT sticker challenge (use @ least 15 stickers)over at Embellished & combined with a funky frame challenge at Scrapbook Essentials.
Then we have "any given day" which is for the November competition over at Embellished to scrap a day in your life - I kinda like this & I kinda don''s nothing how I envisioned it...but looking at it - it does look a bit chaotic & it might just be my subconscious influence bringing the truth to light ROFL!!!
What really happened was that I cut the circle without checking to see where I was cutting & typical of me I hadn't cut the manufacturer's strip off the I had no pattern & a brand name glaring back at I did what any desperate scrapper would do - I inked ;o)
And finally "Birthday Girl" this one is for "The BIGGEST Competition Yet" at Embellished - a LO for each month of the year...this is August's entry - I'm trying to get back on track & get them all done before 31st Dec.. I have doubled up on this with the SE DT challenge to use sheers. For all the whanau who read this it's Ebony-Pearl, Kane & La's daughter.
So now I think I have done a page on each of the nieces & nephews...oops - No, sorry I haven't done Malakai one yet..I was going to say they all have the beginnings of an album...but alas I'm one challenge short ROFL!!!
I'm sure I'll be able to whip something up for him..I'm working on the make your own pp challenge (from Elsie's 52 Challenges) over at Embellished & then I have the single B&W LO to do...but after that I'm sure Mal Mal will get his turn to shine ;o)
Well tomorrow I'll stick down what I have done on my class LO


Lisa said...

Well done Kelly, you go for it Girl! Man you get those layouts done quick, put me to shame, my goal is to try and do one a week and even then I'm, excellent work!!

Janine said...

too fricken funny know your a scfrapper when you save your best photos for challenges. Your a scrapping machine. Good luck with those challeneges.

Megan said...

Great layouts! I still can't believe how quickly and how many you get done! you need to give me some lessons on how to do that :o) Love your sheer layout too!!!

Chris M said...

Oh Kelly, you're so sweet! I must say, it was a challenge hanging in there at class the other night with how I was feeling! You girls are all so brilliant though! Thanks for coming - it's always lovely to have you there! I see you've used some of the left overs already - YAY!! They are such cool papers to work with! Your challenge layouts here are awesome! You look like you have such fun with your scrapping!