Sunday, November 05, 2006

Scrappy Weekend

What a fab weekend!! Had a chat Friday night with the girls at SBO....Sat am went out with Wayno on a mission to get pics for the Embellished Exposed activity...soooo much fun - Wayne's really getting into it LOL!!!

Then had the Embellished CyberCrop last I've been working on the challenges today, so far this is what I've come up with.

The first challenge was to use 10 lengths of ribbon & a photo anchor.

The 2nd was a sketch challenge.

I thought voting for Idol finished last night...but I had my dates wrong - it finishes TONIGHT at 9pm QLD time...which I think is midnight our time.

I'm dying to find out who gets through to the next round...the 2nd to last round OMG its just soooo exciting!!!

I've been working on a couple of monthly challenges for SBO & SE...had one laid out ready to stick down...went to have a shower & came back to find Raven had munched on my pp & screwed up my pics MAN I was gutted...but I think its salvageable.

Well I better get back to work LOL!! I want to get a heap accomplished :o)


Janine said...

Maybe Raven needed more fibre? I hope its salvagable...good luckw ith Idol and go Wayno for getting into challenges lol

Joanne Bain said...

Layouts look terrific Kelly. Good luck with Idol hope you go thru.
Have a great day

Julie said...

Hiya Kelly - done an awesome job with the CC challenges - they all look fantastic.
Man i would of been gutted too over the scrunched up photos. Rylan's been getting into my things as well, though he hasn't scrunched photos yet (touch wood) but he does like to draw on them with my zig markers. The last one i was able to carry it on and make it blend in luckily LOL.