Thursday, November 09, 2006

Global Dare

What a cool concept, uniting all the dare sites for a global dare.

The dare goes like this:Childhood Memories or Dream themeCover the whole background/pageThrow in some paintTitle on the photo

And this is what I came up with.

I just loves these pics of me & Lis when we were kids....sooo cute - but the amazing thing is our girls look just like us!!!

Meanwhilie I have bitten my thumb nail to the quick over the Embellished Idol comp, down to the wire on this round is the final.

For this round we were given a sketch to work with...again we sent the entries to Ali so voters do not know who they are voting for...what a totally cool concept - I seem to get more votes this way LOL!!

Only the top 3 will be going through to the final....good luck to all the girls it has been a fabulous ride!!!

The talent in this comp is phenomenal!! Seriously if your lost for inspiration - or between mags go & check the Idol entries out you'll be blown away!!

Once Idol is over I'll be able to concentrate on my entries for "The Biggest Competition Yet" & SBO's "Get Real"

Cute story to SIL, La rings me this morning wanting to know what the kids want for I say to Tai "babe what do you want for xmas" & she says "who's on the phone? Santa?"

How cutie cutie is that!!!

Oh & AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME news...Taigy got accepted to Sunnyhills Primary I am so excited about that!!!!

It means we don't have to move into the zone...which is fab...we probably eventually will - but it alleviates a bit of pressure - cos the houses that have been available haven't been quite what we're after - or quite the right price LOL!

Well, I'd better leave it here for now - the timer's just gone, so time to get the bacon & egg pie out of the oven - YUM, I'm starving!!!!


Janine said...

So how was the pie???? Good luck with idol and whooo hoo on Taigy being accepted at school. Man you are awesome kelly, I don't know how you find the time and the energy to do these challenges!! You are my idol. Love the global dare challenge too, fantastic!!!

Micaela said...

Great layout Kelly! Love the challenge idea.

All the best with idol - I agree, the entries have been amazing!

Heidi said...

Kelly - your Global Dare LO is "WOW" is all I can say - the LO's you come up with are truely amaising, I hope you get into the final of Embellished IDOL you so totally deserve it for all the work you have put in.
Congrats as well on getting "T" into school - I bet she is soooo excited.
See you tomorrow

Delys said...

Wow Kelly that Lo is awesome! WTG! Im keeping my fingers crossed for ya still on the Embellished your pic of the bitten fingernail lol!!!And wahoo on the primary school acceptance!

Julie said...

LOL - your poor thumb Kelly, but i can totally understand.....I'm not even in it and i'm still hanging for each round's results lol.
And yes the level of work has been absolutly astounding each and every round.
Take care and good luck with this round..........

Julie said...

Love the dare page Kelly.

Congrats on getting so far in idol.

I think I picked out your page from the rest. The pages have all been amazing.

karen said...

Love the bubble-frame on your global dare response, and the SBO stamp for your journalling - such a versatile stamp don't you think!!
All the best for the embellished idol too.

Anonymous said...

Fantastic layout Kelly!! Really love the colours you used. Isn't it funny to think that we were that small once. See you a Scrapcamp!!!


Rach H said...

congrats on getting into the next round of Idol. Loved that love!!
Great LO for the DARE too.