Tuesday, November 28, 2006


I used to be such a Photoshop fan...but now I've found me the GIMP - its free...has the same functionality of Photoshop - & just as tricky if you don't know what you're doing (which I don't).

With the help of my pal google I've been playing with some tutorials & I created my very own challenge junkie blinkie - which I have added to my sig at SE & SBO.

I tried to show you here - but apparently blogger doesn't like gifs (that are on infinite loop) ROFLMAO!!

Anyway if you don't have the dosh for photoshop & want to be able to seriously play around with stuff get yourself the GIMP...it looks a little daunting at first - but there are tutorials galore online & I'm sure there's a help file somewhere that I forgot to download LMAO!!

Oh, I just checked the site & they're bringing out an updated version soon...apparently each one gets a little easier to use...I saw scaleable brushes mentioned...having a problem with that today - but that's cool

OK I really need to get some challenges/comp entries done today - Tai is off at a friends for the arvo - she's hoping to have a "make-over" which invloves painting her nails - too cute!!!

Also wanted to mention that Janine is having a 12 Days of Christmas challenge over at her place (blog) starting Dec 1...I think this'll be a lot of fun - so go & check it out...A Tarisota pack is up for grabs ;o)


Janine said...

Kelly I hope I don't offend anyone but when I saw gimp I giggled like a school girl.....anyway thanks for mentioning the challenge on your blog.....

Angela said...

Oh, Kelly, please tell me what you have been using for tutorials. I've been playing, and am just stumped. I guess the fact that I haven't played in PS either makes it very new to me.