Sunday, November 26, 2006

Haven't Been Busy

Well I don't feel like I've been getting much scrapping done - cos I keep checking the forums to see if anything is new - despite the fact that I get email notifications...I really need to sort myself out!!!
Had a great weekend so far...Friday night we went to Albany to pick up my niece so she could baby sit Sat morning while Wayne & I went to the Adidas friends & family sale...OMG some bargains to be found!!!!! check out out little shopping spree...most of our xmas shopping done - phew!! Ummm there's about 8 pairs of shoes there..a gorgeous jacket for Mum (which I'm secretly hoping she doesn't like) 6 pairs of socks, a singlet & maybe a dozen tees..I also got a couple of pairs of trakkies for next year - gotta love the Adidas sale :o)
Then, seeing as Jordy stayed last night as well Wayno decided we should go out for a drink...note to self alcohol makes me off to the Cock n Bull & ended up watching the league there Aussie Aussie Aussie oi oi oi!!!!!!

This morning we went to brekky at Pickles down by Mitre 10 mega Botany - I do like it there - very friendly staff, quick service, great value & tasty food...
But back to scrapping - I didn't think I'd done much - but it turns out that I have done a double LO for an SBO challenge, a LO for the Get Real comp which has grown on me since the beginning of the week LOL! Combined a couple of challenges to keep on top of things...there's the bling/alpha challenge, and the strip journalling/3pp +stitching & the NZ Dares (post below) that's 5 LOs & I made a couple of banners for the SBO banner comp too - so really what am I talking about????

This week I've also been conscious about spending more time with Ravey...he's getting a bit upset that Taigy gets to go to pre-school & he has to stay home - so I've been doing more with him too.
Well Jord wants to go to K Mart before we take her home, so I promised I'll take her after this post - so I'd better skeddadle :o)


Julie said...

Loving the layouts Kelly. They look great. Glad I am not the only one who ties to double up on challenges.

Janine said...

was just thinking what the heck is she talking about...look at those layouts!! And you created banenrs as well...sheesh your still scrapping woman that sale looked awesome too....loved your pile of shopping goodies...

yaseen_nz said...

Great bargains there!! Looks like it was shopping for everyone this Sounds like you had a great weekend Kelly:)
'didnt get much scrapbooking done' oh lordie, if that's low output what might be high output Kells ?;p Go on send me a slice of productivity! LOL