Friday, May 04, 2007

Retreat OTPs

First up we have the gorgeous little foldey outey mini album by Sares...pronounced "sairs" & not sa-res as my mind keeps telling me - d'oh!

this was such a fun little thing to do & surprisingly easy when you let go of attempting to perfect it...the trickiest bit (for me) was figuring out which way the knots had to go LOL!

I love it & so does Taigy!!!

Anther class was the cover to a mini album by Tammy - at first I couldn't for the life of me think what to use the book for (I'm real quick like that LOL) but having used the same book for Duncan's album a while back I knew I'd definately put it to use - cos they're so easy to fill & just so delicious to look at when completed - so I thought I'll use this one for Taigy for 2007 & just add bits & pieces as I go...get what she said to me yesterday "Mum, you're expensive aren't you?" holey moley - who has she been talking to??!!
There is one more class that we did - but I'm ashamed to say I haven't completed it as yet...its a good'un so I don't want to rush it - its an awesome shadowbox frame by JulieH...using pics 17 & 19 from the aforementioned sequence ROFL!!
When I complete it I'll share - it really is gorgeous.
I tell ya you don't want to miss the next retreat - I'm going to take the whole family next time!!!


Delys said...

Wow Kelly all of them ROCK! Love the Los below too...lucky you!!!

Lali said...

OH Kelly those OTP are awesome

Micaela said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one who hasn't finished all my retreat stuff! LOL!

Love these Kel!

Karen L said...

Was a great weekend Kelly - it was great to meet you. Love your work and I must admit I still need to finish projects too.

Julie said...

gorgeous work with all the classes Kel, it was great to be able to sit there and see how everyone works and puts things together in real life if that makes sense.
Loved your post from the other day saying thanks to the guys as well. I know that i'm bad at taking time out to just say thanks to steven sometimes.