Friday, May 04, 2007

Time to Share

OK time to share some LOs from the retreat.

These ones were all class LOs.

Just Add Water was Ali's 1 hour class - just fabulous - only 2 pps used in this = both double-sided - just GORGEOUS!!!!

Next, we have JulieH's class (very generously) sponsered by Urban Lily - heaps of left overs ;o)...sparkly paint, felt, doodling & transparenices used on this puppy - love it!

Then we have Mickey's awesome class (sorry for the crappy pic) I just LOVE the clean lines of this - absolutely beautiful...and if you're thinking you've seen these pics before just hush your mouth...they're different.this is no. 27, 34 & 36 from the sequence ROFPMSL

I'll save the OTP's for another post ;o)


Lali said...

OK after seeing all this stuff from the classes at the retreat I am even more green with envy

Mrs Frizz said...

Awesome, Kelly, awesome ... loving the just add water layout ... brilliant.

Micaela said...

Beautiful work Kel! So glad you came along to the retreat!