Thursday, May 24, 2007


I'm killing two BRown birds with one stone here :o)
I got knocked out of the last round of The Biggest User...clearly I need to encourage Taigy's creativity to help me use my stash & justify buying more :o)
Then again, have you heard the saying less is more??? hehehehehe
Back to the point aye.....I was knocked out of the last round, but this round was a "monochromatic" LO but your pps could have small amoutns of colour in the pattern - I quite liked the sound of that AND after getting Rhonna's newsletter & doing the purple challenge I realised that I had missed quite a few weeks of colour challenges...about 6 LOL, so anyway the previous one to purple was a BROWN challenge - so I thought I'd combine the two...and Bob's your Uncle - here's the result!!
The pic of Taigy & Emma was taken back in the Christmas Holidays & printed then too...and although I LOVE the pic I just wasn't able to do anything with it... that is, until yesterday...I'm quite happy with how it turned out...can you believe there are 31 eyelets in this puppy???
Gotta love my girl Ali's fabbo technique of popping them on with some dimensional magic or pritt - such a clever chick that one!!!

OK, I think that's all i have to share for I said before - if you're at SENZ come & say hi to Heidi & I...we got our SE pins in the mail today & can I just say they are SUPER CUTE!!!
Tanyaleigh made them up & Oh my giddy Aunt!! They are totally adorable!!
Thanks Tanya & Thanks Meg for supplying the cool pins!!
Well that's me for the night, have a good one :o)

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Mrs Frizz said...

Awesome layout ... love the pic and what you have done with it.

Enjoy yourself at SENZ this weekend and meeting the girls.