Sunday, May 20, 2007

Ahhhhh Peace at Last

I've dropped Ebby home & now all is quiet again - Taigy has been quite tired and was a real pain with Ebby around trying to be Ms Bossy although I'd love for Miss Ebby to stay more often I've decided that there will be no more sleep-overs until Taigy is 6....which I will probably change my mind about come next school holidays - cos I love to have my nieces & nephews around...its just the noise & attention they require that gets me hahahahahahaha

Well, I guess I should share my Beyond the Blue LO as promised.

I also did the Embellished May sketch - I actually did two LOs off the sketch but I'm going to sub one for Up2Scrap & they will only accept never seen before stuff - so sorry gals I'm not sharing - but you'll recognize it when you see it in print ROFL!!

Can I just say that I'm in love with the new Scenic Route may have noticed this already...but man-oh-man they are just GORGEOUS!!!
Fortunately I accidentally purchased more than one of a couple of sheets & its a good thing too, cos I've almost forgotten how to use Bazzill - these pps make such a nice background.
I've managed to scrap quite a few of my Embellished Retreat pics lately so I'm pretty chuffed about that.
But on the trip I lost a solo battery - so I'm one short in my set of 4 re-chargables, which is a pain in the butt - I guess they can be relegated to remote duties & I'll pick myself up another 4 pack - cos I don't like to mix my batteries - I'm a bit funny like that hehehehe.
OK, well I'm off to do a little more scrapping - see if I can get my To Do list done & I'm sure I'm due to send a CJ off tomorrow - I think I've got that one covered - concept in my head all ready to much for my intentions of doing the CJ's as they land...I'm better with deadlines on them...well actually, no I'm not - I will get this one doen tonight though....I'm sure the embelly I want is under the pile on my desk - I'll have a little dig :o)
I'll see if I can keep my blog more up to date...aiming for short & sweet, rather than long & irregular.
Til next time :o)


Rach H said...

just catching up on your news + CONGRATS on getting on the PP team.......look forward to seeing your creations!! :)

Lali said...

You are such a good blogger updating regularly Kelly unlike me, love the Scenic route pps too, LOL about buying more than 1 sheet of some what a shame hey NOT LOL.

Mrs Frizz said...

Awesome layouts Kell - sounds like you had a blast over the ditch. Good luck with your submission.

Julie said...

Been having a massive catchup on your blog Kel - you have put out some of the most spectacular layouts! How awesome!