Thursday, May 24, 2007


I've been working on my beautiful layouts.

I made matching ones for Taigy & I, cos she's beautiful too.

I'm very fortunate to have grown up being told that I'm beautiful.

Mum always told my sister & I that we never needed make-up because we're already beautiful.

I remember when I was about 14 being soooo jealous of my cousin because she was allowed to wear make-up - she had the works, foundation, powder, eyeliner, blush & all the other bits & bobs....

Well as it turns out it was a blessing in the end cos now I'm rather low maintenance..I know Wayne will laugh his butt off when he reads that hahahahahaha.

So, as a result of my mum's teaching I'm quite confident with myself....well in my looks the point that I don't care if others don't think I'm beautiful - they're just looking with the wrong eyes LOL!!

I did a layout for Taigy too...because I want to pass on the confidence that my mum gave to me...and well, there's just no denying this girl is gorgeous hehehehehe!!!
I need a new camera - my shots are soooo not what they used to be...then again I could try reformatting my memory card....I'll give that a go tonight.
I'll test it out tomorrow, my photos of layouts have been turning out quite crappy of late & the journalling is really blurry compared to a few months ago when it was all nice & crisp.
Oh well, birthday coming up soon.
Quick change of subject before dinner burns...Heidi & I are off to SENZ this weekend, we'll be at the Crop Friday night & in the Up2Scrap workshop on Saturday...the rest of Sat will be spent shopping.
So if you see us please come up & say Howdy.
We'll be stopping by the Paper Pesto stand to see Kate, Steph & Fi, can't miss Scrapbook Studio & Lisa & so tap us on the shoulder OK


Michelle M said...

Kelly you are so blessed to have had your mother encouraging you to embrace your own beauty. Congratulations on encouraging this in your own daughter. Absolutely magnificent layouts... and such beautiful women!!!

I Scrap therefore I am said...

I love both of your beautiful layouts Kelly - you are so lucky your mother was beautiful in her role as a mother and that you have inherited her beauty for your daughter.
Petrina :)