Thursday, May 03, 2007

For the Boys

A huge thank you to all our men for making the Embellished retreat a stress-free event.

Glenn you're an absolute sweetheart!!! All the effort you put into to making the retreat a success did not go unnoticed, thanks for looking after Lukey so Ali & I could spend time together - I think you're an absolute gem!!!

Noel, what a precious surprise to arrive at the shop on Sunday evening to find you had been slaving away getting the painting done for the're an angel!!!

To Steve for taking care of the kiddos so Jules could be there for us - a HUGE thank you.

And to all the dads that took on the role of mum for the weekend....kudos to you...

To my wonderful husband...thank you for waiting up for me to arrive home, thank you for having the washing up to date, the house clean & a meal in the fridge so that I didn't have to think the next day.

Thank you for bathing & feeding the kids on Tuesday night when I had flaked out on the couch, thank you for being so absolutely wonderful - its no wonder I adore you!!!

So, A big shout out to all the Embellished men..thanks for your support!!!


Janine said...

great post. Its great to acknowledge the men behind the scrappers!

Lali said...

I agree Kelly, and so nice of you to publically thank all the men

Ali Russell said...

Yep Kle...I couldn't agree a BIG hip hip hooray for the men as they put up with us cranky wives, while we attempt to recover from the weekend...It is Thursday and I am still buggered!!!
Chat soon Hun
Love ya
Ali x x

Terri Brown said...

Kel, how lovely to give thanks to the guys. It is so true that without the men in our lives things would not have gone so smoothly for you girls.

Mrs Frizz said...

Must have been an absolute cracker weekend away Kell, you have been a little quiet this week. A little R&R has been needed by the sounds of it. Look forward to seeing your creativity.

Micaela said...

Awwww, what a gorgeous post Kel!

Perhaps I need to alter my list of requirements for the perfect man and move "must be able to support addicted scrapper" to the top of the list! LOL!

Well Done Guys!