Tuesday, May 22, 2007

New Additions

How cute are these guys!!!!
June, Quincey, Annie & Leo arrived today & we're still waiting for Rocket (from a different ebay seller)
Ravey is a bit of an Einsteins freak...some days he wakes up in the morning with a sleepy "wocket, annie quince, june, leo" too cute
Other days its "1..2..3.. wake Mummy" gotta love that at 6.30 - Not!!
So while I was having a scrappy relapse at e-bay I decided to even the score & buy the kiddies some toys...yeah, I know...Wayne didn't get a look-in my poor darling!!!
So, Taigy is anxiously awaiting the arrival of Dora & some Dora tattoos...I sneaked a Strawberry Shortcake in too while she wasn't looking.....so I guess I'd better go & have a declutter of their toys so that there's room in the house for these new babies :o)


Kelly said...

These guys are pretty cute! Good thing my Mr 3 doesn't know you can get them.....

Lali said...

Gotta love when they wake you like that.

Have fun decluttering their rooms NOT LOL

Lisa said...

They are so cute Kelly, haven't seen those before, hey might see you in the weekend at senz :)