Friday, May 18, 2007


I've come in here to escape from Taiga.

I've got PMS & she's swinging from angel to demon in the blink of an we stay clear of each other wherever possible :o(
So let's see what I have to share.... "Catch" is a pic of my Bro & his son Kohatu...I just LOVE this pic!! I used some of the delicious Piggy Tales pps from the SBD/Scrapbook Studio kit....we're heading off to catch a train this weekend too so I can get some pics to fill the OTP booklet...Ravey is totally into trains at the mo...what with Thomas, Jo Jo & the funky alphabet train on Playhouse he's just a train freak - so the chipboard book is perfect!
This next little number is my round 3 entry in The Biggest User comp over at Country Papercraft.
I've used some of the sensational new Scenic Route pps - man-oh-man I'm in love with double sided pps & this range from scenic route is the schiz! Loving it for the boys!
Now, can anyone recommend a good white paint for painting raw chipboard??? I'm after something that's smooth & easy - 1 coat preferably....but let me know. I used the L'il Davis marshmellow on the stars in this LO & well, like the name suggests it turned out like marshmellow -putting the colour on it (pen) was a mish - as in mission LOL

Well, that's about all I have to share on the scrappy front..on the home front I'm looking at puting Ravey into kindy one or two mornings per week...ideally I'd like him to go to montessori just because I like their philosophy...but the local one only does full days & I'm not sure if I'm ready for that...and then I'm thinking if I sent him to the local kindy he'd most likely make friends that would go right through to school with him...sooo I'm just not sure...ummming & aaahhhing at the mo... I don't want him to start until next term, but figure I should get him on a waiting list somewhere..I thought about playgroup...but I really want him to gain some independence...although I don't think he'll have any trouble letting me out of sight, as long as there was something to climb on..but then again when I took him to gym kidz one day he went all sooky la la on me - don't know what was up with that??!!
OK, I've managed to put Taigy down without a hitch, so I think I deserve some quiet scrapping time...I'll share later :o)
*****NEWSFLASH!!! The Paper Pesto site is LIVE, so go have a sticky-beak - you know you want to ;o)
And to keep up to date with the haps go to the Paper Pesto blog, the girls are doing an amazing job of keeping it up to date.

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Mrs Frizz said...

Loving your wee mechanic layout Kell - good luck in the biggest user comp for this round.