Friday, May 11, 2007

An a Week Flies By

Well another week has flown by & although I don't really fel like i have scrapped, apparently I have.
Shopping Expedition is my entry in round 2 of the Biggest User over at Country PaperCraft. A big thanks to Lorrie for the "shopping" buttons :o).
I didn't realise that the entries had to be single LO's so my original entry was "Brotherhood"...but when you see how much stash some people can fir on their page - it makes sense to limit the entries to singles LOL.
I love my Brotherhood page, cos it's about Wayno's relationships & although we don't get to see his brother/BIL all that much (and the pic of Wayne & Harmy was the first & only time I have met him) these people hold his history of a life "before me" & these guys are just absolute gems..lay down their life for you kind of brothers..I love them & I love that Wayne is that type of guy too.
Next we have "An Embellished Journey" this was the sketch challenge from the Embellished cyber crop last weekend..I used some of my pics from the Retreat...ahhhhhh to be back in sunny queensland with the girls!!!
On Staurday night I did the Doodling Delight Class with Chris Millar over at SBO, can't wait for Ms Chris to make her way down to ScrapCamp Rororua Woohooooooo!!!
This class was great!! I love the end result!
"She Taught Me Compassion" is another one of the challenges from the Embellished Cybercrop - a LO about something your mother taught you. Mum was around the other day & saw this - she had a tear in her eye, bless her!!
If you look slosely you can see some eyelets Ali style - loving them...they're also on the shopping LO ;o)
OK that's it for my update.
I just finished my OTPs for the Paper Pesto DT call this morning & they are awesome if I do say so myself...will share those next week.
So that's about it from me...haven't done my Beyond the Blue LO yet - cos I struggle with sooooooooo many aspects of myself...I'm trying to narrow it down to just one to focus on.
Well I promised Wayne I'd take Rave to the Dr...his tonsils are up we'll see how we go.


Lali said...

Hi Kelly, totally agree with you where are the weeks going. Your LOs are great love the photo of you and Ali

Anthea said...

love the LOs Kelly, good luck with the DT call and comp too!

Hannah said...

I can't believe how much you get done in a week that has "flown by" ... man! I have so many weeks with no scrapping at all, so I'm impressed with your ability to get so much done! How do you find the time???

Good luck with the Biggest User contest! I have a few scrapping buddies taking part in it so I'm watching closely ;-)

Mrs Frizz said...

Congratulations on moving on to the next round Kell of the biggest user contest. Love the layout of the girls going shopping... too cute.