Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Ravey's on the mend

Phew, little man is getting better.

Oh he's just so precious I can't stand for him to be unwell...but I am over the whinging..hello, just tell me what you want & I'll do it - anything to make you happy!!

Look at that sad face!!

Have you seen the new 20c pieces - YUK, they look like a 10c - sure they're pretty, but feel totally cheap - not worht 20c at all LOL, more like a token at a TimeZone parlour or something.

OMG I have been so negative lately - I'm talking like the past 2 weeks - just can't seem to snap out of it...maybe its winter - I don't know - but I don't like it. I feel like a total cow - I think I need to meditate on some good things - my focus shifted somehow. Cos really they are pretty wee coins!

I think I may be trying to do too many things at once & not really doing any of them well & getting a bit frustrated & lack of sleep cos I'd rather be scrapping & waking early when Rave wakes - or even in the middle of the night to settle him when the chchchchchch technique doesn't work cos he's kicked all the blankets off & is cold!!

Oh well, whatever it is I'm sure to snap out of it soon.

Did I mention scrapping?? Well I finished another LO today....& its going to be very similar to my NZ Dares one - cos I'm using the left-overs for my Yeah Right LO.

I used Cherry Arte papers - do you think its too bright (is there any such thing LOL??)

The one thing I'm not real happy with is the photo - printed on matt paper came out a little dull - I printed it in gloss too - but the sanded edges didn't quite work.

Jeez I love those boys - there's one missing though (Malakai) cos he was living in Napier at the time, moved back up to Auckland a couple of weeks ago & I try to take a pic of all three whenever we are together - practically every other weekend :o)

Raven was born in March, Kohatu was born in May & Malakai was born in June (all 2005). So we call them the triplets - they're all so different & all so gorgeous. They all had dramatic births - Ravey & KoKo (or Rocky boy as his Dad like sot call him) by C-section & MalMal was delivered in the car (by my brother) on the way to hospital!!

We are so crazy with the nick names in our family...I remember working with this guy who chose his kids names so they couldn't be shortened. One was Ian (hello, begging for eeeny & what boy needs that!!) and the other I think was Keith & well I don't know how I'd change that but no doubt he's have an characteristic that would lend itself to nicknaming - so why go to all the trouble of trying to avoid it - Is it just me or a nicknames endearments???

Anyhoo its getting late & I did promise myself that I would start my evening routine at 9.30 from Monday & I went to bed at 11.30 last night & it's now 10.44, so I'd better haul my butt out of here!

Hopefull Rhonna starts the new round of 21 day challenge tomorrow cos I need some motivation - I'm still doing my habits from the last 21 days...just want to add to them :o)

Oh links are in the previous post cos I'm too tired to link at the mo...need serious sleep


Lisa said...

I love the layout Kelly and no not too bright at all. If its any comfort my kids have been sick and still not over it, Emily has been really quiet with it but Josh talk about a winge! Briana well as most babies she just wants to be cuddled full time, roll on them been well, I love a happy house!!

~Zeetra~ said...

I love your LO kelly, its so vibrant. Notihng is wrong with thw photo either.
I had to giggle, my husband had to deliver our daughter in the car too, except it was in the front seat.
As for nicknames, I dont mind them but I realyl hate it when Abis gets called Abs...yuck.
I also am not liking the coins much. they pretty cool but i get confused at the shops, even though im an easliy confused person anyway-lol.

Hannah said...

Love those papers, and you can't be too bright. I love colour and use it often in my layouts. I feel it matches my boys' personalities!!

I'm glad your little man is on the mend. It is so hard when they are sick, isn't it?

Can you believe I haven't seen the new coins yet? I never use cash so never get given any change! LOL!