Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Mojo on holiday!

OMG where did my mojo go??

Feeling bleughhh at the mo...Ravey gettting over his 2nd or is it 3rd bout of illness for winter. Taiga having tantrums & all round bad attitude at the mo.

Broken toe annoying me...really need to drive...getting cabin fever.

Well my CJ for scrapbook essentials is on its way to Ilka...at least I think it is - I gave it to Wayne with instructions, so hopefully it makes it!

It didn't turn out like I imagined it would...not sure what I was thinking 6x6 is tiny...oh well. my page is doen - hope the other girls don't have any trouble with it.

Nearly tossed it 3 times, but then thought about how much the rub-ons cost & couldn't do it LOL!!!

Its a bit of a mish-mash cos I wanted to use up some off cuts... but you live & learn. My lesson is start earlier & plan better hehehehe.

So when the next CJ lands on my doorstep, I'll be doing it straight away.

Had a mini cyber crop at Embellished on Sunday & managed to do the 2 challenges without mojo.

Theme was new beginnings & had to do a 12x12 & OTP on the same theme.

I got into scrapping when Ravey was about 6 months old...naturally had heaps of baby pics I wanted to scrap & well, my first efforts at scrapping invlove a Finding Nemo pack & a variety of other items from the Warehouse & needless to say my style (and my stash)has evolved somewhat since then LOL!

So I thought I'd take the opportunity to do some baby pics of my boy.

The mini album is from Embellished & I'm pretty

pleased with how it turned out & glad I couldn't fit many pics in..cos these are his first visitors at the hospital...so they're pretty special :o)

Well that's about it for today, babies need me & I think I'll just snuggle up to them on the couch for a while.


nzmommy said...

Wow, Kelly! If your mojo is gone then I want your lack of mojo when mine is gone! Did that make sense? Everything looks great! Isn't it so nice to go back and do some of those baby pics??? I love it every time I do it. Hope your cabin fever goes away soon :)

Megan M said...

Love the baby album at the bottom, have an obsession with big letters at the mo!Thanks so much for the gorgeous layout of Max - it's so cute!!!

Janine said...

Funnily enough I felt the same way about my cj!! Didn;t want to send it......But at least I can re do my pages when I get it back. Thank goodness for plastic sleeves. I agree with what Christi said.

Lisa said...

You have been a busy girl Kelly, your latest work is great. Hope that toe is healing nicely, all I can say is 'YOW!!!'

Julie said...

Love your cj Kelly. Looks awesome. Love the cyber crop projects too.

Hannah said...

Great layout, Kelly!! I love the little baby pics. I need to go back and do some of my boys' ones. I don't scrap in chronological order, LOL!!