Monday, June 12, 2006

21 Day Challenge

Rhonna Farrer has just started a new 21 Day Challenge (round 4)

I'm going to challenge myself to do it - today is day 1.

Yeah, like I said today is day1 hehehehe

I'm prepared to be stretched for the next 20 days.

Oh, if this looks a little basic, that's because this is day 1 and I've never done anything like it before...did I mention this is day 1????

Oh, if you're up to it join the challenge :o)


Synnove Olava said...

Congratulation with your first art challenge.. I'm looking forward to see more of your pages...

Lara said...

yeah - welldone. I've done mine too but need to wait for daylight to photograph - should have scanned it last night huh - now I don't have long till work!!

Onas said...

Yay well done I've done mine too

Rhonna said...

I'm so loving's so gorgeous & can't wait to see you through this 21 days!
We can do it, right?