Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Been keeping busy

Well, there haven't been any quotes for a couple of days int he 21 day challenge - but that's sweet - when I first started out I thought - yeah! create something new everyday - but after a week I realised that the HABIT was the important thing hehehehe

And so my clean house habit is going great...so I'm 100% happy with the challenge.

I'm also working on my journal cover & some other quotes that I love to add to it - so I'm still being creative on that front.

I've also being working on a LO for the weekly challenge at Scrapbook Outlet its all about summer this week & I have loved this challenge.

Been inspired by Adrienne's Colorful House for this one & I think there'll be a few similar ones popping up for the summer of 2003/4 LOs...just loving her style at the mo!

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Janine said...

Hi Kelly

Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog. Well done on the 21 day challenge and the cleaning. Love your layout by the way. Great use of colours. Are the flowers in the left top corner paper? stamps? or rub ons?