Friday, June 09, 2006

Ooooh its good to be home!!!

We arrived home today, drove non-stop from Taupo cos Ravey wasn't well...does that make sense to you...not stopping to comfort my poor wee baby...not stopping to dose him up on pandol...just driving, driving, driving to make it home & get him comfortable....yeah, well I'm just the passenger!

Well, I was reminded of a valuable lesson while we were away & that is all about gratitude...OMG you have no idea how ungrateful I have been behaving!!!

So to balance my pathetic, ungrateful, selfish behaviour I'm going to let you know what I am grateful for:

1. I am grateful my aunty gave us a week's free accomodation in Taupo, at a lovely motel.
2. I am grateful I was able to organize parts of the house & sell heaps of stuff on TradeMe so we had spending money for our holiday.
3. I am grateful that every night we were able to have a relaxing soak in the huge hot tub joined to our room. (and that Taigy ened up loving the tub & wanted to stay in Taupo so she could have a swimming bath every night)
4. I am grateful that, even though the kids got sick, they survived & weren't sick enough to stop us from any activities.
5. I am grateful that Taupo has a great range of internet cafes.
6.I am grateful that my darling didn't get fed up with me.
7. I am grateful that at the end of each sleepless night was a beautiful new day.
8. I am grateful that we got to do a tiki tour over to napier to visit Kane & La & the kids.
9 I am grateful that we have some fantastic photos from our holiday.
10. I am grateful that the kids had a great time.
11. I am grateful that management gave us the spare VCR when the main one wasn't working...even if it menat watching Shrek 5 times ;o)
12. I am grateful that Mum & Dad were able to come down & spend the weekend with us.
13. I am grateful that we were able to have the heater on 24/7
14. I am grateful that we had electric blankets to welcome us into bed each night.
15. I am grateful that Wayne got a break from work.
16. I am grateful that we got to visit the craft fair.
17. I am grateful that the streets of Taupo are flat & easy to walk.
18. I am grateful that I got a brand new pair of jeans from KMart Hasting for $2.45!!
19. I am grateful that we got to go to the Prawn Farm & have a delicious lunch
20. I am grateful to have such a wonderful family, who loves me despite my ungrateful behaviour of this past week.
21. I am grateful to be home.


nzmommy said...

What a great list of things to be grateful for! Gotta love those KMart sale/clearance items lol. I can't believe how low they can get! Welcome back! ;)

Hannah said...

Fantastic list! You've inspired me to be more grateful every day for the little things :-)