Tuesday, June 13, 2006

CJ...Making Progress

Well, I'm definately making progress on my Recipe CJ....got til 26th to get it ready..phew!!

This is the (incomplete) intro page...a scraplift from Teri Fode.

Well, Rave has just discovered how much he loves to climb, so I'd better go & rescue him!


robyn frew said...

Wow you really inspire me kelly.there is so much to know about scrapebooking. i'm really enjoying your blog.keep up the good work.

Rach H said...

Kelly this looks fantastic + I'm looking forward to receiving it.
Thanks for the inspiration as I have never done a CJ before.
Bet your glad to have the power back on??........yes its amazing how we rely on power. I didn't even water for the whole 12hrs either!!! But we had a fantastic day.

Onas said...

Thanks for putting it up fab idea, it is nice to have some idea of what others are doing.

Mel said...

You are so organised to have this done already - look great.

And thanks for leaving such a lovely comment on my blog about the DomPost article on Darryn. So kind.

Freezing here in Lower Hutt - a good scrapping day (except I have costumes to make for the school production)