Wednesday, June 14, 2006


I just love it!!

It's our 3rd anniversary today & my darling got me red roses! He's such an angel!!

This is my 2nd marriage & OMG its amazing!!!

Just the ease of it...I can't believe how easy it can be to love someone.

I am so amazed that I have someone so wonderful as my husband, I mean I always expected my husband would be wonderful...but then you go through life & hear things like compromise, settle, Mr Right Now & the seed is sown to accept less than you deserve.

Well, I don't know what I have done to deserve such love but I am completely and utterly grateful for it.

My Wayne really is my soul balance... He's my home...the place I belong. He's the sunshine in my morning, my comforter at night, the caffine that gets me going, the cup of tea to soothe me. He meets me at my peaks, catches me at my lows & holds my hand through every part of the journey.

My Wayne, My Husband, My Love....I adore him!!


Penny said...

What a lovely bunch of roses!

Happy anniversary too :)

Hannah said...

Aww, that is so sweet! Sometimes I get tired of hearing other woman gripe about their husbands, I always think "what's wrong with me?" because I don't have anything to moan about!! Sounds like your man is almost as good as mine! Ha!

Happy Anniversary :-)