Saturday, June 17, 2006

Getting excited!!!

I'm getting really excited about the Recipe Circle Journal at Scrapbook Outlet today I finished off my sign-in page...I still need to do my entry.

I'll get that done this week. got the basics down - just need a pic & pull it together on a page.

This is my first CJ & I'm really buzzed!

On another note my 21 day habit is going great. Bedrooms have been clean 5 days in a row.

Kitchen has been clean, washing has been done - OMG I didn't realise I actually did so many loads of washing! - I'm doing it daily now & making sure there is no dirty laundry in the tub (which sits right next to our front door - GROSS!!!) Before if it was raining I'd let it wait, but now I'll throw it in the dryer - and would you believe that that is my one thing that scares me for the day.

It seems a little crazy - & its not the dryer I'm scared of, but the electricty bill!!

But I have a theory that everything in life costs - so I have to ask myself to weigh the cost: which is more important to me - success in maintaining a clean, calm, clutter-free environment (and all the benefits that go with it eg teaching the kids good habits, an added source of heating ;o) etc) or saving a few dollars on electricity??

Well, when you put it like that, the answer is OBVIOUS!!!

So the dryer is going, the tub is empty & the house is a little warmer - God bless Rhonna!!


{tiny tidbits} said...

Your layouts and your art journal are beautiful! Thank you so much for your comment on my blog - it is so appreciated!!!


Lara said...

love that your bedrooms are clean. I am so behind on the recipe Cj - at least I have my pps' picked for the cover right?