Saturday, June 10, 2006

Busy Scrapping

Oh its so good to be home & catch up on scrapping :o)

So far I've completed a LO for the SO sketch challenge I thought I had missed out (being away on holiday) but they extended it for a week - yay!

And I've also done a LO for the SO June challenge using a blurry/out of focus pic. I'm working on another one of these as well - just because I have so many blurry photos, it a great opportunity to get a few scrapped.

I'm also working on the June challenge at Scrapbook Essentials and I just got my secret swap stuff today that's another LO to do...its for a boy - so I'm just trying to find the right pic of Ravey for that one.

Then I've also got my recipe circle journal (CJ) to start...has to be ready by June 19th..I'm so excited about this!!!

So I don't really have time to sit here...but I can't resist.

Oh, one thing I wanted to mention is a big thank you to the universe!!!!

I asked for a copy of Photoshop because I don't have it on the new PC & with the laptop being in its sad state I dare not try to turn it on & transfer my copy from I asked the universe to get me a copy of Photoshop this week for free....and would you believe I had forgotten that a couple of weeks ago I had downloaded a thing called which is pretty similar to photoshop & it was free. Well thank you universe!!!

All I really need is a program to manipulate my photos...make 2 into 1 pic & resize to odd sizes etc & this little baby will do the job perfectly & it has alot of the effects of photoshop...apparently its based on photoshop & run by a bunch of uni students who are constantly working on it & upgrading it etc

Well, looks like I have been given more to be grateful for :o)

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