Monday, June 12, 2006


That's Taigy's new word for the day...boogalafeish!!

Oh, what a day!!

The power was off for most of the day. Wayne went to drop Tai at pre-school & they got sent home because there was no power there.

So I had my 2 precious angels home with me today.

I think Ravey's top molars are coming down he's totally grizzly, off his food & just drowsy...won't sleep I think that's cos of the pain...poor wee angel!!

Taiga was pretty much an angel today...none of the back-chatting that I've had to put up with for the last 2 weeks...I think the weekend at Steve's jolted her out of it - thank GOD!!!!

So, hopefully my sweetie-pie angel, darling girl is back & I can say good-bye to her evil twin :o)

I did a bit of work on my recipe CJ today & took some pics of me & the kids...not too phappy witht them...I really want a decent family shot & I have the tripod...just have to get Wayno in the mood...for photos that is ;O)

Gosh, you really realize how much you rely on electricity when its not there...couldn't heat a bottle for my boy...make a milo for my girl...or even a cup of tea for that matter...polished off the macaroons regardless though!!

Oops, forgot to ring the gym to see if I can suspend my membership til motivation has gone ...

WEll, I'd better feed my babies & send them to bed so I can get some more work done on my CJ.

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