Monday, June 19, 2006

Yeehaaa One Week of Goods Habits!!

Day 7 of the 21 Day challenge is complete - one week down 2 to go...although I'm not sure I want it to end :o)

7 Days of clean rooms - I still need to work on the office & dining/scraproom...but I'm being consistent with the rest - good girl Kelly :o)

The FlyLady has given me a shiney sink & the sense that soon my whole house will be in an ordered routine.

My Husband is thrilled with the new habits...and sort of wondering what's going on...I told him its because of scrapbooking that this has come about...well, that's mostly true..without the 21 day Challenge I wouldn't have had the kick-start I needed & I would never have found out about FlyLady, so hopefully I'll be getting some more scrap supplies for my birthday tomorrow hehehehehe.

So, the 21 day challenge is creating plenty of sunshine in my life...funny how alot of people have been on the same wavelength about positivity & happiness lately...I stumbled across PollyAnna on TV the other day & was trying to teach Taigy about choosing to be its good to know that the loving, happy energy is spread through-out the world today.

Have a fantastic day - I know I will ;o)


Penny said...

What a lovely bedspread! :)

Keep up the good work. I'm impressed with all you girls doing this challenge.

Mel said...

I've got to admit FlyLady can spur you on even though it's so extemely American I can't help but liking some of the tips- I'm off to "Go shine my sink!"

Hannah said...

You're so inspiring!! Now, if only I was home long enough to keep my house clean, LOL!! Generally I'm pretty tidy, but I would love more time to keep it all nice & neat.

Lene S said...

Hi there :o)

Love your AJ pages, so fun, bright and cheary! :o) And it´s so cool to read that so many girls around the whole world are focusing on beeing positive. Thanks for a peek into your world, and thank you so much for your nice comments on my blog. Made me happy :o)