Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Day 9 - 21 Day Challenge

I'm very fortunate that I grew up with a Mum who taught me all about choices & a Dad who was all about "actions have consequences", so while I was grounded for my actions I had the opportunity to choose whether or not to complain about the "stupid rules" or be happy that I got time to myself :o)

For the last year I have been practising focussing on what's right in my life & I am constantly amazed at what a wonderful life I have... I am happy right where I am & I find it pretty easy to find things to be grateful for (except for my PMT days..but I'm aware of that prob & am working on it).

I have an absolutely fantastic family...I'm not just talking Hubby & brothers & sisters are all wonderful people...Mum & Dad are amazing - I'm even close my aunties & uncles, I know my cousins are there for me whenever I need them & I have two fantastic grandmothers who I adore & I know that they love me...its so cool that they will always remember baby me & paint the pictures in their minds of who I am today with a touch of of baby me and who I have been along the way.

I know their love for my children is compounded because of their love for me...its just an awesome thing to be surrounded by love in a world where the media tries to tell us there is nothing but violence, hate & fear.

Love is what I choose to focus on today :o)


Rhonna said...

wow, what an inspiring post...
love to hear this...
& your pages so far are fab., my friend!

Jolene George said...

A wonderful family is a huge blessing. I love your entry. thank you for your supportive comments on my blog.

whispers said...

you have grown up to be wonderful woman kelly and to count your blessing is a beautiful thing.yes your family does love you and also respect you very much.from aunty