Wednesday, August 02, 2006

NZ Dares - Yeah Right

How many of us have cars sitting in the garage waiting for work to be done...and how long have they been there???

here's my take on the NZ Dares challenge for the week.

Just a quick post today - getting a migraine...Taigy's trying to discipline Ravey & my poor boy doesn't like it one bit!

Thanks girls for another great challenge - wouldn't have bothered photographing this car if it wasn't for the dare - it's not going anywhere in a hurry ;o)


scrapgeek said...

Cool layout!! Love the angles. Thanks for your kind comments on my blog.

Sara-Jane Bunting said...

I love the angles too and how you mixed the patterned papers, very cool!
We don't have cars waiting to be fixed, but we do have many computers in that situation!

Lisa said...

LOL Kelly, love the layout, great papers too :), we have one of those cars!!!! weve sunk so much money into a classic car that we now find its going to cost more than what its worth to replace a rusty floor which means we can never get it on the road!! Who will want it? Lets just say weve lost around $10,000....LOL But hubby said it was a good investment!! YEAH RIGHT!!!!

Monique said...

Fun layout Kelly, poor old car lol!

Hannah said...

Great layout, and I also love the papers. I've been wanting to get those ones for ages. They're so cool. Oh, and I see you have the very-cool-and-very-sought-after Warehouse chipboard letters! Our local Red Shed has sold out and Christi got her MIL to buy a whole bunch from the Hamilton store, LOL!!