Thursday, August 10, 2006

Just for Zeetra

My buddy Zeetra has a tattoo dare going...I'll show you mine if you show me yours so this one's for you girl :o)

The first one was originally on my hip.....10 years later its a little lower, a little wider & a little blurry ...who new that would happen????

I got this one done when my girlfriend turned 21 - she wanted to get a tattoo & thought it would be good if we did it together - so what the heck I did it - funnily enough it really is an appropriate picture...I do have a little bit of a wall around my heart.

My other tattoo (I only have the 2) is on my back & comes from the tao de represents The Absolute...the One, the higher power, the alpha & omega or, if you like God.

This one was a christmas gift from another girlfriend, we exchanged tatts for christmas back in '99 the time I was recently divorced, footloose & fancy free... I love this one for so many reasons, the memories of the mojo, the freedom of divorce, the bond of friendship & expressing my beliefs - not to mention the fact that its a stunning symbol in its own right.

I have no regrets about my tattoos, but then again - they're never exposed(except now for all the world to see LOL)...they're just a quiet little piece of me ;o)