Thursday, August 03, 2006

21 DC - Day 1 & 2

The challenge has started! Round 5 of Rhonna Farrer's 21 day challenge has begun...its not too late to join the fun :o)

My chosen habit is to follow FlyLady's system & spend 15 minutes each day in my cleaning zone.

In round 4 I managed to completely overhaul my cleaning habits (ie get off the net & start cleaning). I went from doing very little (too embarrassed to say how little LOl!) to having a daily routine of waking & making the bed before I leave the bedroom, cleaning 1 wall of the shower each day while showering - never again will I spend a Saturday morning with exit mould :o), swishing & swiping my bathroom & loo, unloading the dishwasher & making brekky, then pre-school lunch for Tai & putting on a load of washing

AND every evening before I got to bed the dishwasher is turned on, my sink is shined & the washing machine is loaded with any dirty washing - I no longer have any washing backlog YAHOO!!!

So my challenge for the next 21 days is to establish the habit of working in my zone for 15 minutes each day so that the house stays clean.

Artwise, I'm taking inspiration from Rhonna's pages & doodling - nothing fancy here - my focus for the 21 days is action in the home moreso than on the page - Oh don't get me wrong ...there'll be LOs galore happening LOL!

Keep your eyes peeled :o)


Sarebear said...

Great going, on the goals and stuff! If only . . . I so sympathize on the not wanting to say how little one cleans.

I like your pages too!

Jill said...

Great goal to work toward and accomplish!

Rhonna said...

YES...LOVE this!!!!
you are on fire!

Sandra said...

Go Kelly. Your achieving the flylady thing is encouraging me to keep going with my own system.

gudrun said...

Love your challenge, and wish you good luck. I should have been in my zone some 15 minutes every day as well.......
Thanks alot for your sweet comment on my blog. :-)

Anette S said...

Very cute pages! Looking forward to see more! Cleaning a little bit everyday makes it so much easier to keep it that way! Good luck!